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UK Breakdown Cover from Voyager

There is little more frustrating than your vehicle breaking down while on a trip to see your family or on your way to work, leaving you stranded by the side of the road. With Voyager Insurance’s UK Breakdown cover you can have peace of mind that if this happens you will be able to get roadside assistance and relay service (depending on the level of cover you purchase), to get you to where you are going as soon as possible.

You can also choose your Voyager UK breakdown cover policy to include ‘home start’ cover which will protect you should your car not start when you need it to or if you breakdown within a mile of your home.

Plus, if you are thinking of taking your car to Europe on holiday or for business we can also extend your UK breakdown cover to include European vehicle breakdown cover.

See the table below for a Voyager UK Breakdown Cover Comparison:

UK Breakdown Cover
UK Roadside AssistUK Roadside Assist,
+ Home Start
UK Roadside Assist,
+ Home Start
+ EU Breakdown

Price (inc IPT)




Roadside Assistance
Recovery25 milesNationalNational
Home StartX
European CoverXX
Buy online NOWUK roadside assist quote and buyUK roadside assist,recovery and home start quote and buyUK roadside assist, recover and home start plus European breakdown cover

Voyager UK Roadside Assist from £44

Select this level of Voyager UK Breakdown cover policy and if your car breaks down more than a mile from your home we will provide you with an hours roadside assistance to help get you on your way again.

If your vehicle cannot be fixed by the side of the road we will tow you to a garage (or your home or destination if closer) within 25 miles.

We can also pass on a message to family and/or work so they know what is going on, if you need us to.

Voyager UK Roadside Assist is a great budget vehicle breakdown policy for people who are on a budget.

Voyager UK Roadside Assist, Recovery + Home start from £70

Our Voyager UK Roadside Assist, Recovery and Home Start policy will give you all the benefits of Voyager UK Roadside Assist, plus rather than recovery being limited to 25 miles we will take you either to you original destination or home (whichever is closest).

This level of car breakdown cover also gives you UK Breakdown Cover with ‘homestart’ so you are protected if your car does not start or breaks down within a mile from your home.

Voyager UK Roadside Assist, Recovery + Home start + EU Breakdown from £87

The Voyager UK Roadside Assist, Recovery, Homestart and EU Breakdown policy is our premier level of UK vehicle breakdown cover and includes all the benefits of Voyager UK Roadside Assist, Recovery + Home start but with cover extended to include vehicle roadside assistance in Europe. For a list of European countries that are covered by your policy please refer to the policy wording by clicking here.

Please note: Cover starts 24 hours after policy purchase except for Section A which beings immediately. There is no cover for vehicles that have broken down or are not roadworthy at the time of taking out a policy.

The above information is only a summary of the cover available on the Voyager UK Breakdown Cover policy, please refer to the Policy Wording (available upon request) for the full policy terms, conditions, exclusions and limits.

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